March 5 – April 10, 2009
Night Moves – Angles of View

Photographs by
Steve Duncan • Helen K Garber • Robert Vizzini • Jill Waterman • Marc Yankus
Jill Waterman and Daryl-Ann Saunders

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 5, 6-8 PM

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The photographic works of thirteen artists who toil under cloak of darkness are featured in two neighboring galleries at 111 Front Street in DUMBO. Night Moves – Angles of View is exhibited at the Farmani Gallery and Night Moves – Exploring the Horizon is exhibited next door at Safe-T-Gallery beginning Thursday, March 5. Both shows feature works selected by co-curators Jill Waterman and Daryl-Ann Saunders. Night Moves is a convergence of photographers who have a deep understanding of the techniques employed in night photography and who use the night and its illuminated landscape, be it man made or natural, to capture the distinctive, yet elusive, atmosphere of the world after dark through the camera lens.

In the Farmani Gallery exhibit, Steve Duncan's panoramic cityscapes from atop New York's magnificent bridges induce vertigo with their dizzying heights, while black and white diptychs from Helen K. Garber's LA Noir series entice viewers with the implied motion of shadowy figures suspended within architectural fragments. Robert Vizzini's jewel-like renderings of Manhattan's buildings and parks balance deep shadows against rich colors and shimmering lights, and Jill Waterman's graphic, urban views emanate the cool blue tones of midnight. Finally, Marc Yankus' impressionistic depictions of New York transform the city at twilight into a wash of foggy shapes and soft colored lights.

Several special events run concurrently with the exhibits. The first two are events for those interested to learn about night photography processes and hands-on techniques. On Monday, March 9, a night photography symposium will be held from 10:30 - 4:30PM in conjunction with B&H Photo. On Sunday, March 15 and 22, the co-curators will offer a night photography workshop in collaboration with Workshops@Adorama. The final event addresses the collector, and features a gallery talk with local artists in the Farmani Gallery and Safe-T-Gallery spaces. Scheduled to coincide with the last day of the AIPAD photography show, this event will be held from 2-4:30PM on Sunday March 29.

Co-curators Daryl-Ann Saunders and Jill Waterman are both night photography specialists, whose photographs have been widely exhibited. Ms. Waterman has recently published, Night and Low-Light Photography (Amphoto, August 2008).